Japanese multicourse cuisine made using fresh vegetables grown in farms under the direct management of our Hotel

We offer hospitality through food that is made using local ingredients and gives off a strong sense of the current season.
We recommend the Japanese multicourse cuisine that is full of highland vegetables that have been grown with care in farms that are managed directly by our company. The food is served in the restaurant.
Please take your time and enjoy your meal while taking in views of the magnificent Yatsugatake Mountains.

Japanese cuisine

We grow organic vegetables on our directly-managed farm and source ingredients from Nagano and Yamanashi Prefecture to prepare our meals. Experience a Japanese-style meal plan specially prepared by our chef.

  • Japanese

Western cuisine

We offer a Japanese wagyu meal plan, with the meat cooked in front of you on a teppanyaki plate to bring out the softness and inherent richness of the beef. This meal plan consists of 170 grams of teppanyaki-style Japanese wagyu beef prepared with a soft texture and delicious flavor.

  • Western

Children's menu

You are welcome to enjoy dinner with your children.
If you wish to have a meal prepared for your children, please contact us.
Dinner: 2,200 JPY
Breakfast: 1,100 JPY

  • Children's menu

Upgrade your dinner to make your trip even more luxurious.
Information on additional dishes and drinks

Additional Cuisine

Shinshu salmon sashimi

Shinshu salmon is noted for its silver body and a red meat.
This is a new breed that combines rainbow trout and brown trout, bringing the best qualities of both in a new Shinshu breed. Shinshu salmon does not lay eggs, and the energy it would devote to spawning instead goes to creating a flavorful, rich crimson fish with a fine and dense texture.
1,500 JPY (tax inclusive)

  • salmon sashimi
Charcoal-grilled wagyu beef

Charcoal-grilled wagyu beef

Horse sashimi

Horse sashimi

Deep-fried free-range chicken

Deep-fried free-range chicken

Salt-grilled char

Salt-grilled char

Cheese platter

Cheese platter

Anniversary cake

Anniversary cake

Kosyu(Yamanashi Prefecture) WINE

Kosyu(Yamanashi Prefecture) is one of Japan's foremost wine-production regions, boasting a cool climate and well-draining soil, with grape cultivation here taking advantage of daily temperature deltas.
The result is high-quality wine we would be delighted for you to try.

Yatsugatake wine (red/white) by the glass
720 JPY (tax inclusive)

Iro (Kai Noir/Koshu Dry) bottle
5,200 JPY (tax inclusive)

Collier de perles (sparkling)
5,200 JPY (tax inclusive)

We also carry a selection of other fine wines.

  • WINE

Local sake

The mountains surrounding the Shinshu region produce abundant, rich water that is ideal for sake brewing.
Savor the high-quality sake that is the result of fine sake rice, clear water, and traditional brewing techniques.

180ml (from 720 JPY)
Three sake tasting set (one of our most popular items!) from1,650JPY

  • SAKE


This whisky is noted for its soft mouthfeel and rich bouquet.

Suntory (Hakushu/Yamazaki)
Single:1,000JPY (tax inclusive)/Whisky with soda:1,000JPY

Suntory Kakubin
Single:800JPY (tax inclusive)/Whisky with soda:800JPY

SUNTORY official web site


Start your day with a body-friendly breakfast.
Breakfast at Yatsugatake

Seasonal vegetable set meal-

Our seasonal vegetable set meal is a breakfast offering that is good for the body and is chock-full of vegetables freshly picked on the Yatsugatake Grace Farm. Our tomato stew blends a moderate acidity and rich umami flavor for a dish that is beloved by everyone from children to adults.
We also offer a free drink service for a range of beverages, among them ones made with milk from the Nobeyama plateau.
Our spacious restaurant has large windows looking out onto Mt. Yatsugatake, and is where you can enjoy a luxurious breakfast.
*While breakfast is a set meal of seasonal items, it may be switched to a Japanese/Western buffet if the restaurant is congested.
Thank you for your understanding.

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