Mt. Yatsugatake and the Nobeyama plateau are attracting attention from astronomy fans as a "sacred place for stars."
In summer, you can see the Milky Way; in winter, Orion; in spring, summer, and winter, their respective triangles, and in autumn, the Great Square of Pegasus.
Some members of our team are certified as "star sommeliers," and they will be happy to assist you on a stargazing journey.

Starry sky observation show held every night


At Yatsugatake Grace Hotel, we host starry sky viewing sessions nightly.
These are free of charge for guests of the hotel.
This is a truly pleasurable experience where you can stretch out on a tarp and gaze up at the stars.

On clear days where the stars are visible, please come to the front desk by 8:00 PM. If there is a large turnout, we will host two sessions: one at 8:00 PM, and one at 8:30 PM.
(In the event of inclement weather, we will use the indoor planetarium.)
Location: hotel sports field; Price: free admission (open only to hotel guests); Attire: the temperature is expected to drop at night, so please bring warm clothing. (We recommend bringing long sleeves even in summer.)


In order to maintain your body temperature, we recommend taking part in the starwatching session first and taking a bath later in our precious stone bath, rather than the reverse.

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Starry Sky Guide

Our certified "star sommeliers" will guide you in a lively tour of the stars around Mt. Yatsugatake and Nobeyama.

Reiko Kawamoto

"The stars seen on Mt. Yatsugatake have a beautiful sparkle to them. I hope guests will really feel closer to the cosmos as they see all the stars. We see ourselves as stewards of the environment, safeguarding it for future generations to see the Milky Way."
Certifications: Starry Sky Guide (Regular Guide)/
Officially certified guide by the Nobeyama Radio Observatory

  • Starry Sky Guide

  • Starry Sky Guide

Tomoya Koshio(Hotel Manager)

"Why not slow down, look up, and star gaze with us? If you take an interest in what's above you, your days will be that much more exciting. It's my pleasure to take you on a tour of the night sky on Mt. Yatsugatake."
Certifications: Starry Sky Guide (Regular Guide)/
Officially certified guide by the Nobeyama Radio Observatory

An indoor planetarium modeled after the starry sky of Nobeyama

In the event of inclement weather, the session is held at our indoor planetarium, which is based on the sky around Nobeyama ("Today's starry sky: a journey into space").
Some of our repeat visitors find that they love the indoor planetarium more than the real thing.

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